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July 07 2015

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Kojima had it all figured out from the beginning.
"Yes... yes, mr president"
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July 06 2015

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July 02 2015

July 01 2015

People that don't like videogames make a video game. The pay SJW to consult. They make game. No one buys game because SJW don't buy games. Queue "gamers suck".
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June 27 2015

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all aboard!
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June 22 2015

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MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA Official E3 2015 Announce Trailer
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June 21 2015

June 20 2015

Horror Games in VR
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June 18 2015

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June 16 2015

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Well, the internet can melt now. The Last Guardian coming in 2016. ;D
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June 15 2015

June 12 2015

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Schichan, I accidently your cousin...
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June 11 2015

Feminist Frequency and The Witcher 3

"Geralt does it with two swords, while I do it with a pen — but we’re both fighting venom-spitting creatures. So let’s talk about Feminist Frequency."
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